On the 7th Way of Christmas funding

On the 7th way of Christmas funding,
Sterling could source for Santa

Peer to Peer Funding


Crisis!  The big day approaches and a computer glitch at a well-known credit reference agency.  The usual credit lines are closed and hundreds of Santa “Stops”, where the Reindeer are refuelled, demand upfront payment. What to do?  Understandably Santa has maxed out his credit card and he’s used up the excess facility at the Bank. A call to Sterling Capital and we arranged a Peer to Peer Loan where a loan crowd funded by Mums, Dads, family and friends will help fund Christmas.
Problem solved and when cash flow sorts itself out he can repay without penalty.

Sterling Capital Reserve Limited is a broker and not a lender
and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Remember funding isn’t just for Christmas

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